IP Address is one of the mostly used IP address by various of the Wi-Fi Routers or Modems. This is one of the most used IP as because it is easy to remember and is accepted by various router brands as its default IP address.

But many of the times, we are unable to login into it due to various mistakes or issues with our browser. So here today, I am providing the method to login into your router and access your admin console.

How to Login into in just 3 Steps?

Follow the steps to easy gain access to your router panel.

  1. Access your admin console page by visiting this link or simply entering "" in your browsers address bar.
  2. If the IP is unreachable then your can also try various of the other IP address which are used by various router brands such as,, or or you can also use our tool given below to find out your routers IP address and default login details.
  3. Once you were able to access your router console, just simply login into your router using your username and password, or if you dont know your routers username and password, then you can try from the combinations of the default username and password given below.

After you gain the access of your router, don't forget to change your default username and password of your router.

Find Your Router Default Username and Password

You can find all the default username and password for your router here.