The numerical label is the IP of ACCTON modems, Belkin router devices, and Canyon modems. This is a private network address; only physical owner of the device can get access to it in his / her local network. You cannot open other user’s address if it isn’t in your local network. This address is usually assigned to routers that are available outside the US. Its main purpose is to simplify router owners’ lives.

Conflict of Addresses – How to Prevent It?

Two devices in the same local network cannot have the same IP address. You should make a reassignment of factory IP at least for one of the devices. Alternatively, you can use DHCP network protocol which provided dynamic IPs and minimizes the risk of such conflicts. – Default User Name and Pass

As a rule, routers, which feature the abovementioned IP address, have the following accessing data:

  • Login – admin;
  • Pass – the same (admin).

Some routers have “1234”, “1234”, respectively.

How To Restore Access to the Admin Panel?

You can use default (factory) user data to get access to the router, but if you cannot do this, you probably changed the pass and forgot about it. The only option in your case is to make a hard reset of the device. To do this, you should press against the small button with a needle / toothpick for approximately 10 seconds. The gadget should work at that time. After performing hard reset, you will get a “clear” gadget with factory settings. We should note that all device settings will be reset (including WPA2 password, LAN configurations, and so on). You will have to change them again. If you are going to change the pass again, do not forget to write down it in order to prevent hard resets in the future.

Well, our guide is coming to the end. You may be interested in 192.168.l.254 &, which are also IP labels used in multiple brands of routers and modems.